2019 Catholic Appeal

CMA Ministry: Retired Archdiocesan Priests

Diocesan priests are a beacon of faith in parishes, serving tirelessly for decades and receiving modest monetary compensation. Accordingly, they rely on our support. Despite a lifetime of service, many continue to minister to the community even after retirement. Retired priests often continue to assist with celebrating weekend Masses, hearing confessions and visiting the sick. The generosity from donors to the Catholic Ministries Appeal is one means of providing the monetary support needed to assist retired priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

When a diocesan priest is ordained he makes a promise of obedience to a bishop who directs his ministry and ensures that he is serving the mission of the Church in accord with his talents, aptitudes and abilities. In addition, the bishop also takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the priests are provided means of support and sustenance for life. This support includes the years beyond a priest’s active ministry, which can often mean caring for priests as they age and have few people to care for them.

Charlotte Carpenter, Director of Benefits and Risk Management for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, oversees Priests Retirement benefits and is often the first contact for priests entering the retirement stage of their ministry. “It is wonderful to talk to and assist our active priests as they navigate into retirement and to be a resource for retired priests if they have questions.” There are 97 retired priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati currently receiving retirement benefits from the Priests Retirement benefits plan. Of the 97, 60% are under the age of 80 and very active in many parishes.

The Catholic Ministries Appeal is a vital contributor to the Priests Retirement benefits offered by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Please prayerfully consider making a donation that can directly help the retired priests in your community.

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David Kissell